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8TH CODE / THE MYSTIC (Dominant Chakra Bundle)

8TH CODE / THE MYSTIC (Dominant Chakra Bundle)

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Save 22% on all 4 products when you buy the bundle.


The Dominant Chakra Bundle was created so you can learn and become deeply connected with your unique chakra coding. You will discover self-development tools specific to your energy which will help guide you back into balance so you can reach your highest potential, feel empowered and in alignment with your purpose.


Included in your Dominant Chakra Bundle


1. Dominant Chakra Video ( 35 - 40 mins - Mp4)

It is recommended that you refer back to this video whenever you feel out of alignment. It is dense with chakra specific knowledge and often one will make new discoveries with each viewing depending on where they currently are in their path

  • In depth Information of Your Dominant Chakra, Qualities & Characteristics

  • Prone Imbalances

  • Energetic Archetype

  • Purpose, Career, Situations & People

  • Love, Relationship Dynamics & Compatibility

  • Realignment Tools


2. Dominant Chakra Balancing Test & Checklist (Printable PDF)

It is recommended to start each month or season with a balancing test to assess where one's energy is currently at. Use the checklist as a guide throughout the week to help realign back into balance. Choose one or more realignment tools to implement throughout the day/week. Whatever feels good.


3. Dominant Chakra Meditation (11:11 long, Wav File)

This meditation was made specifically for one's dominant chakra. Listen to connect with the energetic archetype or for realignment.


4. Energetic Archetype Chromotherapy (Printable PDF)

This ancient technique is used to help with stress, calming down the nervous system, training the brain to stay present, finding a sense of peace, cultivating creativity and more. By simply coloring and gazing upon the energetic archetype, one can easily access energetic guidance from this specific energy and begin to realign to it. You can also use this technique to call upon the archetype by simply gazing at it. Once completed, It is recommended to hang this photo within eye shot to help you access this energy more easily.

  • Zip File

    You will receive a Zip File containing all 4 products and an info page:

    - Info Page (pdf)

    - Video (mp4 file)

    - Balancing Test & Checklist (PDF)

    - Meditation (wav file)

    - Chromotherapy (PDF)

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    Services are for guidance only. Information is for educational, spiritual and entertainment purposes only to use as one sees fit and will not take the place of professional medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological services. Services provided accept no liability/responsibility for any actions/decisions made.

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