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8th + 9th Chakra: Abundance | Bliss | Perception

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Chakra Talks are a series of educational videos meant to help those understand and connect with the chakras on a deeper and more personal level. Each Chakra Talk comes with a pop quiz and journal question This Chakra Talk is great for those who want to learn more about the 8th + 9th Chakra. Specifically for those who want to connect with their abundance, bliss and perception. This video explores: - The prone imbalances of the 8th + 9th Chakra and what that means for you: Misfortune, overstimulation, disconnection, eccentricism - The gift of the 8th Chakra and how to use it for realigning the 8th + 9th Chakra - How the 9th Chakra reminds us that we are the creators of our own lives and how the “human” experience can feel like it prevents us from attaining it. - If I am the creator of my own life, then why isn’t it being created in the way I want? - Tools to realign both the 8th + 9th Chakra - Perception: How to see beyond the veil and understand why events took place - Short grounding meditation to seal in the information It is especially helpful for those: - Unable to attain abundance, unlucky, out of sync with your flow, bouts of misfortune - Overwhelmed and overstimulated with opportunities, reckless with decision making or life choices - Disconnected from your purpose, feeling overwhelmed with being “human” and the responsibilities, feeling out of control with your life - Unable to manifest the life you desire, detached from the understanding that this is your creation

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